Dating & Other Hobbies


Dating & Other Hobbies is a collection of female-centred poetry and short stories from spoken word artist Cat Hepburn. Screaming with authenticity and using toe-curlingly relatable observations on millennial culture, Cat's unashamed writing treats the reader with the honesty of a wine guzzling bestie on a night out, making it both gut-wrenching and spit-your-tea-out funny.

Confessional, uncomfortable and hilarious all at once, from regrettable
one night stands, to ‘ghosting’, to extramarital affairs- no stone is
left unturned. Shining a light on the nuances of human connection
and interaction in a world of digital dating and sexual exploration,
Dating & Other Hobbies provides a truly unique celebration of early
adulthood, and all the beautiful mess that comes with it.

"Hits like an espresso martini served in a library by a doctor of
philosophy dancing to Lady Gaga" Phill Jupitus

“As engaging on page as she is on stage, Hepburn consistently
outdoes herself with courage, grace and humour”
Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey

"Witty, gorgeous, genital-warts-and-all" Kirstin Innes

"Explores what it means to be a fierce young self-assured, sex-loving feminist in a fast paced dating world where the rules of engagement are redefined on a daily basis" Cora Bissett